The empty bucket list.

So just because my mind is so incredibly ill-focused right now, I will channel everything I have into making a bucket list.  I am but 20, this is true, but I’m such an introverted old soul.  I could use a bucket list to motivate and inspire me.

1.  I will go fishing someday.  I will take a paddle boat out into the middle of a pond/slew/lake/what-have-you, I will wear a bucket hat with a tacky hook fastened to it, and I will catch a minimum of one fish.

2.  I will go ice skating.  Preferably with a romantic interest, whom will hold my hand and help me up when I fall.  I will not so gracefully glide and spin and charm the pants off whoever he may be.

3.  I will buy nice clothes.  This one I’ve started already, but I will continue.  I will own nice jackets and pants and I will be seasonal in my style.  I will fake confidence until I make confidence.  I will probably wear these clothes when I charm the pants off my ice skating partner.  Maybe not to fishing though.

4.  I will go the gym.  I will try everything there, and I will sweat.  I will go home and shower and feel like shit, but I will also feel like I just went to the gym, so my cool factor is likely to have increased 10-fold.  Afterall, these days I feel like gymsters are the only people deserving of friends and love and money.  People are so dynamic in their personal relationships, I tell you.

5.  I will join a yoga class.  And not only that, I’ll be awesome at it.  A natural.  It’s bound to happen.

6.  I will learn patience.  I will learn to relax.  I will learn to not look so heavy into things, especially if I’m looking into them so negatively.  I will work on not being stressed and not being critical.  And I will do this for no one but myself.

7.  I will ride horseback with my non-existent man.  He will have his arms reached around my waist, and his confidence in his horsemanship will be aplenty.  Even if he’s really no good at it.  And if my day is really going great, there will be an unbuttoned shirt and cowboy hat involved.

8.  I will get married.  I will find someone who appreciates me for who I am and tolerates my way of thinking.  I will live happily forever with someone who can be open and honest with me and listens to me when I am being open and honest as well.   I will find someone who knows me enough to sometimes just not take my bitterness personally.  Hell, maybe he’ll even find it endearing.

9.  I will have babies.  And I will learn to be a nurturer and a caregiver.  I will learn patience, as I mentioned earlier, and I will raise socially and morally aware young men and women in a world bound to be void of both.

10.  I will be happy.  And that is all I have to say about that.

This is my bucket list.  For now.  Maybe I’ll add things.  Maybe I won’t.  Hopefully I’ll find more than 10 things I hope do to with my life over the next 50~ years.  Honestly I really don’t know though.  Thinking about these things make me happy.  And I am very practical, surprisingly enough.


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