Feelings, wants, and nothing inbetween.

All I want to know is what you know.  Tell me what you know!  Just tell me why all of the sudden I wasn’t what you needed.  What happened that suddenly made me worthless?  And moreover, why do you try so endlessly to replace me?  Why would you do so much to find everything that I am in someone that isn’t me?

What is it that you want me to be right now?  Why won’t you talk to me like you suggested we should?  Should I be upset?  Should I be miserable?  Should I be happy, lonely, cheerful, needy, distant, cold, bitchy?  What emotion are you trying to evoke from me by treating me the way that you do?  Just tell me.

I just want to see our relationship through your eyes.  Even if just for a moment.  I want to see your new relationship through your eyes.  I want to see why everything that has been done has been done the way you’ve done it.  I’m done waiting so anxiously for you.  Are you ever going to answer my feelings?  Do you not feel you owe me an explanation?

I want to know who you are.  I want to know if you’re a bad person, a lost person, or an honest person.  You tell me it’s the latter, and I refuse to believe it’s the former.  I feel like you’re just struggling so much, and I just want to talk everything through with you.

But you have someone new now…  For whatever reason you seem to be far more committed to looking out for their feelings than you ever were for mine.  And that hurts me.

You promised me once that you would never hurt me.  Today is the 146th consecutive day that you have hurt me.

You are hurting me.  Please stop hurting me.

Tell me you love me or set me free.


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