Shutter Bugged

Awkwardly placed ribbons.

Sailor Moon–“Shutter Bugged”.  The only episode I vividly remember from my childhood.  Really, the only episode I even vaguely remember.

I don’t know why it stands out so much for me.  But I remember the first time I rewatched the series since I was a child, I waited in anticipation for Serena to appear with her awkward swimsuit, cute yellow ribbons strewn purposefully about.  It turns out she forgot to put moth balls in her drawer, so she had to use ribbons to cover the holes in her swimsuit!

I started thinking recently, however.  Why is it that out of a whole series, some 160 episodes released in the english language, that I only remember this one episode?  Was it special?  Was it especially memorable?  Not really.  Everything else just came to pass I guess.

Maybe my ex will just come to pass too.  Maybe someday I’ll look back and only vaguely remember the way he used to smile at me.  Maybe this will make it easier to move on, or maybe it will make it easier to forget what he’s done to me and want him in my life again someday.

I guess today, in this moment, it doesn’t reallly matter.  I’m still at a loss for words, and he’s still not in my life by his own volition.

Someday I will find a greater peace within myself.  I still hope to realize a place where, though this person was of great importance to me, my fading memories will have finally released me.  A place where I can rediscover what it means to know someone who cares.  But for now, I’m content rediscovering my favourite childhood hero–only 5 more episodes until Sailor Jupiter comes thundering in!


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