Life, bi-polar.

Life is such a rollercoaster.  One day everything is going steady, and the next I’m shot skyrocketing into happiness.  Without a warning, I’m then plunged into the lowest of lows.  I’m thrown up and down and tossed around until I just can’t take even another second of life.

I feel like vomiting.

But apart from life being a rollercoaster, I do have some things that keep me stable.  Keep me grounded.  I have my kittens, for starters!  No matter how mad or angry or visibly frustrated I get, all it takes is their sweet little faces–a chirp, a meow, and a roll on the floor–to swoon me out of the worst of moods into something of a bout of cheer.  My girls are very forgiving of my fierce temper.  It also helps to come home from work everyday to the same kitten waiting for me on my runners at the door.  And her sister is never far off, running and chirping in panic as though she is missing something important.  (Probably not me so much as the prospect of seeing the world outside my apartment!)

But then again, this is the same cat who always finds her way into my lap, softly purring, everytime I bellow along with a sad song on my mp3.  What a blessing.  Both of them.

I also have this new tea set–

Tea time~

How zen!  I’ve been redecorating my living room lately to reflect that of an east asian home.  I have a few things done already, but what I’m really excited for is my faux tatami mats I’m looking into having made, and my kotatsu.  Okay, okay, my glorified coffee table!

I can’t wait for a cool summer day, to open my windows (and maybe have some chimes to blow in the breeze), sit at my coffee table with freshly baked muffins or pudding, have my tea all set out, and enjoy a good replay of Okami.  What a day!!  I’ve envisioned it, it will happen.

But sure as Sherlock, the following day I will fumble and fail and take myself for another spin on that dreaded rollercoaster!

Maybe if it’s not too late, my resolution for 2013 will be to always remember that no matter what happens in my life outside this living room, within it I will always have the safety and comfort of two precious little kittens and a steaming cup of tea!  (And a good video game, of course!!)


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