Coinciding with fate.

In the time that I knew you, I always found myself to be surprised by coincidences between us.  After awhile, I began to believe that these moments were not by coincidence, but by fate.

I’ve already come to forget many specific instances, but the impressions are still there.  We always shared similar memories of when we were young, we both enjoyed many things others wouldn’t understand–we were able to speak to eachother in a way that made sense.  That is why I struggle so much in my feelings parting ways with the memories of you.  I’ve always understood you as my fate.

I can even recall, almost every day we were together, that you would text me just as I were thinking of you.  Just as I were typing a message to you.  Even this past January, long after you’d left me, you texted me on a night where my emotions were so high and I couldn’t keep you off my mind.  It was as though you were experiencing the exact same feelings.

And it sucks that, even though it has been so long since I’ve heard from you, so long since I’ve seen you, so long since I’ve felt you, that I am still stuck with these coincidences of fate.


Futurama was always a show that you and I had in common together.  The holophoner, Fry’s dog ‘Seymour’, Leela’s parents and her past, Fry discovering his nephew’s grave–these were all sentiments that touched us.  They were ideas and feelings of our own expressed through something tangible that we could bond over.

On June 20th 2012, you left me.

On June 20th 2012, the final season of Futurama premiered.



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