Learned Patience

I am very high-strung.  Very.

And having kittens has really brought out the worst in me in that regard.  I grew up with the most well-behaved dog–I had no idea what I was getting into when I got my girls!!

My one girl in particular, Elly.  She hasn’t been herself for a few months now, and it has caused me more stress than anything.  And in the midst of it all, I’ve really learned how to be patient with her.

Elly has always been the worst for knocking over my water glass.  And even though my other cat is a pain in the ass when it comes to knocking over lamps, spilled water just always ruffled my feathers so much more.  Wasted paper towel, water in my laptop and on other electronics, the way she’d run away with her tail held high and her head held higher.  It drove me absolutely mad.  I would just get so angry with her, and both she and I would always be upset after.  I don’t like screaming anymore than she likes being screamed at, I’m sure.

Since she’s become sick, I have learned to become so patient with her.  When she first lost interest in eating, being with her and encouraging her to eat was a really trying experience.  But since she was so sick, I knew I couldn’t get mad at her no matter how frustrated I was, because she needed to eat and that had to be my main focus.

Over time, patience really became something learned between her and I.  I feel so much more bonded to her now.  Having feared losing her every day for so long has really pulled me out of my depression and made me appreciate her for the loving girl she has been to me.  I have consistently failed to recognize that I got my cats because I was lonely, yet I haven’t even let them fill that void since I brought them home.  I spent so much time becoming frustrated for spilled water and broken possessions, that I never let myself enjoy the experience of kittenhood.  And even though they are almost 2 now, I know that Elly being sick has taught me incredible patience and resilience for a happy and healthy future shared between the three of us.

I am so happy to have these girls in my life.  And even though I’ve been all too consumed in trying to make them feel better, I am grateful for the opportunity to have learned this patience as a means of bringing love and happiness into my home instead of anger and continued loneliness.



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