Pokemon Eternal

So the remakes for Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire were announced a few days ago.  Honestly, even though I love Pokémon to death, if I had to rank the generations of games, these two would probably be my least favourite overall.  Funny, because this generation is probably the one I invested the most hours into!!

I was the Sapphire to my brother’s Ruby.  We got the games the day they came out, I’m sure, and spent endless nights sneaking into each other’s rooms to play way past our bed times, as we did with every generation before it!

I honestly loved the games just like any other, I just personally hate cave-trolling and surfing more than anything in the world, and this game happened to have a lot of surfing.  Something about not being able to avoid encounters in caves and water drove me absolutely mad, even as a kid.  At least I can say to myself “okay, I’m going into the grass now, shit’s bound to happen”.  And better yet, if I ran through a whole patch of grass and didn’t have even one encounter, I’d almost crap myself with joy.  But in the caves and on the water?  There is no sanctuary!!

Anyways, I’m genuinely excited for these remakes.  I think certain aspects of this region (well, any region really) will benefit tremendously from 3D.  The hidden fortresses and that big ass coliseum like town where you meet Groudon/Kyogre would be amazeballs in 3D, off the top of my head.

I think that Pokémon and reality have made great strides at becoming one in the same in the past ~2 decades.  I hope that someday I can immerse myself virtually into the Pokémon world.  I’ve always wanted to explore Kanto more than anything.  I spent so many years playing Pokémon Blue and my Pokémon Master Trainer board game, I feel like I would know Kanto in it’s entirety more than I know my own city!

Until that day, I hope that Nintendo releases a minimum of one Pokémon game duo per year.  Be it a new generation, or a remake of an old one, I will always, always be satisfied.


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