Blue’s Blues (An about me)

Hello all.  My name is Blue.

Well, not really.  But since I were only little, Blue has farmed crops, tamed horses, cows, chickens, and ducks, defeated Ganondorf, earned Bells, caught Pokemon, won badges, and even saved the Mushroom Kingdom!

Blue is my gamer name.  I remember I stole it from an old arcade game at the bowling alley.  My friend and I would play it every Thursday after lessons while waiting for one of our mom’s to pick us up.  Blue’s Journey, it was called.  He was always Blue.

I remember how much I wanted to be Blue.  Today I generally only play single player games, and my name is always Blue (should I be given the opportunity to name my character).

This is who I am.  Everything I am and everything I do has a reason behind it.  I am an old soul.  Everything about me is a history.  My mother tells me that I have the memory of an elephant.  I truly never forget.

I toil away my days doing much of nothing.  I consider myself to have at one time enjoyed drawing, reading, gaming, and writing, but a culmination of sad feelings, poor luck, and ill will has left me weathered and wistful.

I do still write though.  I like to write poetry, I like to write letters, I like to write journals–I like to write my feelings.  I am a deep and pensive thinker.  I write because it is how I cope.  It is how I come to grips with everything I know but fail to truly see.  And this is why I am here.  I am writing about feelings, hoping someday to be satisfied with the cards I’ve been dealt; the cards that rouse my thoughts.


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