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R.I.P. Buns

Death can really put things in perspective.  Even simpler things.

My sister’s bunny passed away today.  Her boyfriend, who can be a bit of an oaf, perhaps mishandled her on accident and she fractured her spine.  I wasn’t there, but I have a tragic mental image to be sure…

I didn’t spend a lot of time with Buns.  But I was fond of her enough to give her her very own pet name–as Buns is not what my sister prefers for her to be called!!

Anyways, she was 2, and my sister got her for Easter in 2011.  I still remember her very first night in our home.  I was still living there, and snuck her into my bedroom to snuggle.  She peed on my bed.

And just now I’m realizing that my very first picture with Buns is gone, as I lost my phone earlier this year….  She was still just a baby, and fit into the palm of one hand.  She was a lop-eared, but in the picture one ear was awkwardly perked halfway up.  Too precious!

And while I’m not particularly devastated like my sister is, I do grieve the memories of her.  I cared for her last summer while my family was away.  The summer before as well.  And she knew me.  She remembered me.  I appreciated that I would come home to visit and she would remember that I’m the friendly soul who loved her and could never pass her by without cheerfully greeting her and sneaking kisses through the cage door.  “Hi Buns~!”

Two pets gone in less than one year.  It’s hard.  I especially miss my dog who we had to let go of in October.  But what I meant by saying “simple perspective” is… I need to take one of my girls to the vet.  One of my kittens.

Her two breasts closest to her rear have been swollen and pink for some time, and it doesn’t sit comfortably with me.  The first time, the vet told me that she was overweight and that the swells are simply fatty tissue lumps building up around the scar tissue from her spay.  Feasible.  But she’s at a healthy weight now and they’re still there.

I need to take her to the vet.  I can’t lose her.  I can’t lose another companion.

Wish us luck!