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The way of the Gemini.

While I’m not dependent on it, astrology is something I’m incredibly fascinated by.  There’s so much about it that always seems to ring truth in my life.  Of course, there’s some things that are wrong.  But all in all, I know that I am truly a Gemini.  Now let me tell you why:

Who I am is inherently complex.  I am two different souls trapped in one mind, perplexed.  My capacity for good, is rivalled by capacity to do wrong.  Yet as I lack focus, I am a mutable song.  Am I a thinker, or am I a feeler?  I am not one, yet never neither.

What I am is a toiler, and a dreamer.  I have potential, but I am meager.  I have lofty goals and loftier dreams.  But I am lazy–half effort, it seems.  Emotionally everywhere, but physically nowhere.  I appreciate everything, yet most days I don’t care.

Where I’m a Gemini is at work, and at home.  At the store, at a friends, at the mall–it all depends.  When I am flighty, I am cold.  But I am hearty; I am bold.  I am social, yet I hide.  I am distant, but with pride.  People love me, I have that effect.  But in the end, their love I reject.

When I’m a Gemini is when I love, and when I hate.  To those I love, I am irate.  Emotionally void, emotionally high, if you’re a friend, I am never dry.  I say how I feel and I feel how I say, but if you’re short on my trust, I am happy all day.  Some see me as difficult, I bid them farewell.  I am two-faced and contradictory, as my sign may foretell.

Why I am a Gemini is because I can’t be half-hearted, though I’m always half aware.  I am obstinate and stubborn, but have twice the love to share.  I have two souls that I embrace, but only one that show’s a face.  With this face I see all things, and through the other, that which they bring.

I am a Gemini, the sign built for two.  If you see this and know it, I love only you.


I more or less accredit the “who, what, where, when, why” format of this post to WongFuProductions’ (youtube) video–“The Last”.

Though I’m not sure that’s necessary since our content is so different.  (Check out the video anyways!  It’s so sweet I have cavities!)


Who am I, really?

I’m probably the most innately insecure person you would ever meet your life, dear readers.  I know who I am, per se, but I don’t know where I belong, who I belong with, and what I have to offer this world or the people important to me.  Why do the people I love love me back?

It must be for these reasons:

–I’m an incessant whiner and complainer.

–I’m always hard on my self and never see the value or influence I have on anyone.

–I’m an insatiable hermit.

–I’m an arguer.  I need the mental exercise of a good fight almost every day.

–I’m meager, timid, and shy away from anything new.

How can I be aware of these things and not work on them?  Do I really anticipate that someday someone will just embrace these qualities of mine?  I have people in my life who value me immensely.  Why can’t I see that for what it’s worth?  Why do I always doubt it?

Why am I in the prime of my youth, and not enjoying or appreciating even a moment of it.  Why do I waste my days away doing absolutely nothing.  How does one even do absolutely nothing?  I don’t even partake in the things I enjoy anymore.  I haven’t played a video game in months.  Read a book since my English course earlier this spring.  I haven’t drawn in almost 3 years.  About the only thing I’ve done recently that I like is to write.  Well, type, in this instance.

Who do I have to talk to?  To relate to?  I live alone in this city.  Just me and my cats.  Yes, I’m already one of those people.

I am 20 years old.  I am an intelligent person.  Why am I allowing myself to go through this?